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The 2008 Highlands Forum Reading List

Just in time for your holiday shopping, the Highlands Forum 2008 Reading List features thirty books (mostly nonfiction, but including four works of fiction this year), covering biography, management, economics, history, information technology, techno thrillers, science fiction, comparative politics and sociology, contemporary conflict studies, and current events. Among these, we have six books recommended by guest reviewers. Our panel of guest editors this year includes Henry Crumpton, Peter Schwartz, Michael Nelson, Carol Dumaine, Nat Irvin II, and Elizabeth Churchill.

The 2008 Highlands Forum Reading List, as always, consists of several categories. Most titles are new; some are classics worth discovering for the first time. They have been selected both for their topics and for their capacity to broaden our understanding of emerging issues and inform the way we think about things. We began compiling an annual list in 2000, and it is a continuing work - additional titles are added during the year and compiled at the end of each year in a larger list. peruse our reading lists.

Books Recommended by Highlands Forum Guest Reviewers

Books Recommended by the Highlands Forum

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