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The 2006 Highlands Forum Reading List

Download the 2006 HF Reading List

Just in time for your holiday shopping, the Highlands Forum 2006 Reading List features 30 books (mostly non-fiction, but including three works of fiction this year), covering management, economics, history, information technology, the political thriller genre, science fiction, biology, comparative politics and sociology, contemporary conflict studies, current events, philosophy, and architecture. That is quite a sweeping offering. Six of the books were used in research for the 2006 Highlands Forum meetings; there are fifteen titles that we at the Forum have run across this year and wanted to share with you; and finally, we have nine books recommended by guest reviewers. Our panel of guest editors this year includes information technology pioneer and venture capitalist Esther Dyson; Chairman of Cambridge Energy Research Associates and Pulitzer Prize winner Daniel Yergin; internationally respected Department of Defense strategist Andrew Marshall; former Lockheed Martin Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Norman Augustine, now serving on the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology; Cory Ondrejka, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Linden Lab and leader of their Second Life effort; and Peter Bernstein, economist, historian, investor, author, and publisher.

The 2006 Highlands Forum Reading List, as always, consists of several categories. Most titles are new; some are classics worth discovering for the first time. They have been selected both for their topics and for their capacity to broaden our understanding of emerging issues and inform the way we think about things. We began compiling an annual list in 2000, at the request of many Highlands participants who read our periodic book reviews on the Web site. This is a continuing work - additional titles will be added during the year and compiled at the end of each year in a larger list. Review our lists for 2000-2005.

Books Recommended by Highlands Forum Guest Reviewers

Books Recommended by the Highlands Forum

Books Used in Research for 2006 Highlands Forum Meetings