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The 2002 Highlands Forum Reading List

The 2002 reading list appended below features 30 books for your reading pleasure: three books that we reviewed previously on the Forum Web site this year; four new books by Highlands participants; three books that we used in researching topics for Highlands Forum XIX; ten new titles that we have run across recently and want to share with you; and ten books recommended by our guest editors. Our guest editors this year are Orson Scott Card, Steven Johnson, Jay Winik, William Haseltine, Joseph Traub, and John Seely Brown.

The 2002 Highlands Forum reading list comprises several categories: science, technology, management, history, sociology, international relations, science fiction and art. Most are new titles, some are classics. They have been selected both for their topics and for their capacity for broadening our understanding of emerging issues and the way that we think about things. We began compiling an annual list in 2000 at the request of many Highlands participants who read our book reviews on the Web site. This is a continuing work - additional titles will be added during the year and compiled at the end of each in a larger list. Review our 2001 list.

Recommendations from Highlands Forum Guest Editors

New and Recommended Titles from the Highlands Forum

New Books from Previous Highlands Forum Participants

Books Used in Research for Highlands Forum Meetings

We are frequently asked for titles of books that were used in preparation for Highlands Forum meetings during the year. Earlier this year we held Highlands Forum XIX: Shared Informational Awareness in Carmel Valley, California; the following books were used in preparation for the agenda:

Reviewed this Year on the Highlands Forum Web Site