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2015 Reading List

Each year we present a list of books tthat we would like to call to your attention as being noteworthy. We hope that you will find a book on this list to enjoy and spend time with over the holidays or when you are on travel. This year we have a robust stocking full of twenty-four books, five by first-time authors. Of the two dozen books, there are twenty works of non-fiction and four novels.

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  • >Sociologist David Ronfeldt gives us an

    exclusive with a clip on his innovative framework for thinking about social organization and evolution: TIMN, for Tribes + Institutions + Markets + Networks. He explains that while all four of these forms have existed since human society began, they mature at different rates because each form requires a new communications technology revolution to achieve maximum utility.

Industry, academia, government, and professionals from a variety of fields share their knowledge and insights about the development and effects of technologies in the information realm. Some of the areas explored by the Forum are emerging technologies, organizational development, economic competition, and the changing concept of security, writ large. The Forum provides no formal reports or consensus recommendations, but rather serves as a catalyst for creativity and enhanced decision-making. Discussions are off-the-record and not for attribution.